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Jul 23

Want to measure? Watch for the movement.

There are many methods and tools available to monitor social media, but it’s important to remember that all you are seeing is a snapshot in time. Often the view is muddied by returning visitors and multiple clicks. Are you counting the same person twice and does it matter? A still picture of a sports match …

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Jul 20

Social media measurement – how effective is your strategy?

“If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.” It’s an old adage – but has more than a grain of truth. Despite social media being perhaps the most measurable of marketing activities, a lot of people still struggle with measuring effectiveness. The video shows a slide presentation used in the Social Good Guy Measurement …

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Jun 26

Beware snake oil salesmen.

Every new digital paradigm presents an opportunity for somebody to make money. I was around at the start of the digital era – a lifetime ago. The new messiahs were the web developers. They practiced dark arts that few of us understood at the time. They charged a lot of money. This is fair enough, …

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