Sep 24

Why the social good-guy?

Lots of people talk about social media, but really useful, actionable help seems thin on the ground.

We’ve been working on the web since its early days, around 1990. When social internet first appeared we were keen to jump in there. We studied, practised and sought to broaden our knowledge. We went to a host of presentations and seminars, but came away feeling hungry and a bit disappointed.

But what we really wanted were real actions

People give you lots of facts and figures about the media – ‘Twitter is the size of a small planet’, ‘If Facebook was a continent it would be… a very big one.’ Lots of interesting facts and figures – some stunning, some hard to get your head around. But what we really wanted were real actions. Things we could take away and put into practice.

So, we decided to put our money where our mouth is. We would put together our extensive knowledge together with years of skills in delivering training and coaching. Teaming up with Social Media Studio in Birmingham, and the great Katie Lee, we delivered our first workshop in the summer. It was a great success and proved the concept we shared with our partners was what people wanted.

The Social Good Guy is now saddled up and ready to ride. More courses and products are on the way, and a string of consultancy projects have kicked of for what looks like a busy Autumn.