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Feb 18

Next Social Media Masterclass.

On Tuesday 5th March, The Social Media Stuido will be hosting an Advanced Social Media Marketing and PR Masterclass in Birmingham.If you book and pay before Wednesday 13th Feburary you qualify for our Early Bird discount making the course ¬£360.00 + VAT.   Packed full of supportive case studies and hands-on exercises, the studio class …

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Sep 24

Is social media easy to apply across export markets?

Good question! Social networking is a tremendous tool for developing and supporting business all over the world. But there are differences – different languages and cultures for a start. People in other nations also have preferences for other platforms – many countries have their own unique platform. We’ve been involved in export development since before …

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Sep 02

Finding the right social media specialist and avoiding snake oil salesmen.

How do you find the right social media trainer, coach or consultant? The market seems full of ‘social media specialists’, so it can be a real problem finding the person or company who can really deliver what you want. So where do you start? First decide what you want. Social media specialists are not all …

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Aug 17

Social media platforms – the magnificent seven.

What are the platforms you can’t ignore? We here that some networks are losing popularity, the truth is that there are new platforms springing up like weeds. Of course people are attracted to these shiny new toys and stop playing with their old favourites for a while. Trends change. But in all this mass of …

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Jun 29

The future is mobile, how well are the big players positioned?

It doesn’t take a clairvoyant to predict that the future of social media is mobile. That’s not just my opinion, some key studies recently underline the fact. In a recent comscore report,¬†data suggests that Facebook and Twitter users already spend more time using the platforms over mobile devices than they do on traditional computers. A …

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Jun 26

Beware snake oil salesmen.

Every new digital paradigm presents an opportunity for somebody to make money. I was around at the start of the digital era – a lifetime ago. The new messiahs were the web developers. They practiced dark arts that few of us understood at the time. They charged a lot of money. This is fair enough, …

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Jun 22

Accept social media complexity and stop looking for the measurement holy grail.

If I asked you to measure the performance of, say, four cars to tell me which was right for me, you may scratch your head for a while and finally ask me what I need from the car. Is it top speed, acceleration, economy, or maybe load carrying capacity? Depending on my needs you would …

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