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Social media for international business – new workshop.

Social Media for exportSocial media is a great tool for promoting and developing international and export business. It has tremendous reach and is very cost-effective. However, it takes more than just extending your home market activity.

We’re bringing together over seven years’ experience of working with businesses to successfully develop their export potential and a wealth of social media expertise. Together this delivers a winning workshop to harness social-networking to build international business while avoiding some of the worst pitfalls.

The power-packed interactive workshop covers:

  • Strategy – why you need one, how to build one and what makes international strategy special.
  • Research – the cornerstone of any strategy. You’ll learn how to monitor your key markets
  • Platforms – markets differ. Understand how different markets choose and use platforms – perhaps some you have not heard of.
  • Language issues – how to handle multiple languages, spot pitfalls and learn about some useful workarounds.
  • Culture – perhaps one of the biggest potential stumbling blocks. How to understand and adapt to cultural differences and turn them to advantage.
  • Measurement – make sure you are putting your effort where it has the maximum impact. Understand about monitoring, your key metrics and measuring real results.

Yes, please tell me more about using social media for international business.

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